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(Lawrence Hall) Sunday & Monday 12:00 am - 8:00 am - O/N AWAKE (Temporary, may become permanent)

at Hart United

Posted: 8/12/2019
Job Status: Contract/Temporary,Temp to Hire
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Hamden - Lawrence Hall

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HART United, Inc.

72 Washington Avenue

North Haven, CT  06473






The Direct Support Counselor will be responsible for the operation of the residential facility and the implementation of the individuals’ programs.  The Direct Support Counselor shall provide support and guidance to the individuals and maintain a home-like atmosphere.  The Direct Support Counselor will be responsible for assigning, supervising, and assisting with duties for housekeeping and general duties of the house & complete cleaning tasks, as well as providing counseling and spiritual life support. Provide assistance to the individuals in developing and maintaining appropriate living skills and cooperative interaction among the individuals.


The Direct Support Counselor will be responsible for providing general guidance and supervision of individuals’ lives and activities. 

  • Ensure physical safety of all individuals                    
  • Be aware of individuals' whereabouts when at the home and away from the house
  • Recognize and report any suspected incidents of abuse or neglect.
  • Enforce house rules with individuals
  • Interact with and provide in-house leisure activities during down-time.

The Direct Support Counselor will be responsible for addressing each individuals’ IP goals

  • Providing input prior to meetings.
  • Attending IP's as needed
  • Implementing programs and Documenting as prescribed
  • Reviewing all 6-month review and annual reports
  • Ensures that residents are treated with respect and dignity and they are encouraged to exercise their rights.

The Direct Support Counselor will be responsible for overseeing house operations.

  • To supervise and provide instruction and assist or complete as needed with individuals’ daily and weekly chores.        
  • To be aware of the condition of individuals’ rooms and to prompt them when extra cleaning, sorting, etc. needs to be done and to assist or complete.
  • To supervise and help prepare meals according to doctors’ orders.
  • To supervise and instruct each individual in the use of laundry equipment and proper procedures for caring for clothes.  You may have to assist or complete as needed.
  • Shopping for groceries, household items, and individual needs.
  • Hygiene – Provide counseling and/or hands on assistance for toileting, bathing, etc.

The Direct Support Counselor will have the following medical responsibilities:

  • To provide medical attention to and care for minor illnesses (headache, cold, virus, minor injuries).
  • To be able to judge seriousness and urgency of the individual’s complaint and to decide if the situation warrants emergency room treatment or diagnosis; physician appointment; nurse consultation; or home treatment.  The Direct Support Counselor should contact administrative staff or medical consultants as appropriate.
  • Administration of medications per DDS regulations.
  • Ensure appropriate use of adaptive equipment and to ensure that said equipment is in proper working condition.
  • Order medications as needed

Medical appointments:

  • Ensure individuals receive needed emergency medical care
  • Schedule routine medical appointments as needed.
  • Transport and accompany individuals to appointments as needed.
  • Complete follow up recommendations/orders


The Direct Support Counselor will be responsible for providing counseling for individuals as requested and as needed.

  • Recognize and address potentially dangerous situations in a timely manner (such as             behavioral emergencies, physical hazards, etc.)

The Direct Support Counselor will be responsible for providing guidance and reinforcement to individuals regarding their vocational responsibilities and future.


  • To discuss the importance of attending work regularly, being on time, taking only authorized breaks, work attitudes, appropriate appearance, etc.
  • To discuss vocational options and preparation needed to reach an individual’s vocational goals as appropriate.
  • Assist, as needed, with self-transporting skills to and from work.
  • Transportation to and from work as needed

The Direct Support Counselor will implement all recreational activities planned.


  • The Direct Support Counselor will attend and participate in required monthly staff meetings.
  • The Direct Support Counselor will be responsible for communicating relevant information regarding individual/staff/facility needs to their Residential Supervisor.


The Direct Support Counselor will have responsibility for maintaining individual resident files and maintaining appropriate level of confidentiality.

The Direct Support Counselor will also maintain daily documentation in:

  • At beginning of shift read T-Log/Communication Log/S.Comms
  • Communication log or house T-Log to be completed before end of shift
  • Individuals’ daily logs or individual T-Logs to be completed before end of shift
  • Individuals’ program books (as needed) or ISP’s to be completed before end of shift
  • Nursing log/nursing health T-Log to be completed before end of shift
  • Kardex


The Direct Support Counselor will:

  • Maintain medication administration certification as required by State of Connecticut DDS.
  • Renew medication administration certification 90 days before expiration.
  • Must have a valid CT driver’s license and be able to drive the company vehicles, to include wheelchair vans, as long as you are an employee of HART.
  • Some programs require staff to use their own vehicle and provide proof of insurance and registration.
  • Attend all mandatory in-services provided by HART before their expiration date. 
  • Maintain necessary certifications as per DDS regulations.
  • Will be responsible for maintaining individuals’ medications in accordance with DDS and Dept. of Health regulations.
  • Ability to do daily standing, bending and lifting.
  • Must be able to lift 10 pounds.
  • To attend special meetings when specifically requested. 
  • The Direct Support Counselor will be responsible for reporting concerns and problems from parents and family in a timely fashion to the Residential Supervisor.  Will respond to parent and family concerns if and when appropriate or call to the Residential Supervisor if issue is of more sensitive nature or if situation is escalating.
  • Arrive to shift promptly and find coverage for shift(s) when requesting time off.


  • Have an interest in the welfare of the residents
  • Have the ability to work well with others.
  • The Direct Support Counselor is to report to, and be directly responsible to, the Residential Supervisor.  
  • The Direct Support Counselor will perform other related duties as requested by the Residential Supervisor, the Residential Director, or the Executive Director. This includes, but is not limited to, covering another house in case of emergency.

I have read this job description on this date.  I have been given the opportunity to ask questions regarding its contents and I fully understand duties as stated.

Signed: ______________________________  Dated:__________________

2/2/16 (Job Desc.) Direct Support Counselor